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We are your average couple living in small town middle America.  With the world becoming more dangerous everyday we have decided to take personal responsibility for our safety.  But how does one go about that?  Join us as we learn together and share our adventures with this little podcast project.   Who knows?  Maybe we will even have a little fun along the way!

602192_158756537613350_2133394910_n    Melisa is the girl next door, no really, she grew up two blocks away from Toby and they had never met until a few short years ago.  Since then she has started riding motorcycles and shooting firearms.  She has worked in restaurant management and currently is a supervisor in the medical billing field.  She has a Concealed Handgun Permit for the state of Nebraska and carries everywhere she is allowed to by law.  In addition to the CHP class required by the state she has also started taking more advanced firearms training as time and resources allow. She now volunteer’s with Project Appleseed administration and is working to become an Appleseed instructor.

36011_1522127377709_5517372_n     Toby has worn a few hats over the years but he seems to wear the ‘mechanic’ hat the most.  He has owned firearms on and off since 1995 but never considered them as a self defense tool until he met Melisa.  That’s when he realized that because he loves her so much that he owes it to her to come home safe to her every night.  That caused him to take the Nebraska CHP class and get his permit to be able to legally carry a firearm for self defense. Toby is now a volunteer instructor with Project Appleseed.  


527324_4809670404230_1874362796_n     Vincent is our Head of Security here at the homestead.



7 Responses to About Us

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  2. Mark in Houson says:

    I heard about the podcast from Chaz.
    Good luck!
    Welcome to the family!!

  3. Drew Burt says:

    Love the show guys! keep up the good work. Also listen to the Armed squirel project.

  4. K-Fred says:

    I would like to listen to your podcast but the only one I have been able to download to my mp3 player is #6. I listen while driving to/from work (long drive!) instead of my radio. I am usually able to download the files for the ‘casts I listen to direct from the website but your links will only refer me to an html link that won’t let me save the file as an mp3. What am I doing wrong? I don’t have time to sit next to my computer to listen to the show and I don’t use my phone to listen to podcasts.

  5. Rusty Frederick says:

    Dear Toby and Melisa,
    I just listened to your podcast for the first time last night. I have been listening to the Squirrels podcast for a while but after hearing the joint podcast you did with Glen Tate I had to come check this out. Y’all did a great job with Roadgunner and I thank you for introducing me to that podcast as well.
    I’ll be listening to as many of your archived podcast as I can on Stitcher and I really want to hear what Melisa has to say so I can try to relate to my wife and convince her that she needs some training.
    You folks are great, thank you for the service you provide. By the way, I too am a truck driver so a lot our way of thinking is the same.

  6. Bob Seigel says:

    Congrats to Melisa on going solo. Really good job on the interview with Shawn. And it’s always good to hear from The Unnamed Trucker and from Glen Tate. I think your podcasts are getting much better with each release…and I look forward to your each new show. Thanks for doing the podcast and keep up the good work!

  7. Greg says:

    Melissa Great job on the solo podcast the interview was great! One question who’s Toby? LOL

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